About us

My name is Eliška Schühlerová, I’m 29 years old and we live in Prague and occasionally near the Ore Mountains. I think I was probably a dog in my past life, I have been fascinated and amazed by animals since I was a child, but mostly interested in drooling, four legged animals with a cold snout. The first dog I met closely as a child was a female German Shepherd called Sindy, it was my uncles and aunties dog, it was a huge dog for me, I always wished to have a dog like that. Then it was Asia, a beautiful female Doberman, black as coal with an amazing behavior, I will never forget this girl. 

And when I was a little bit older, I finally got my own dog, my dream was to have a chihuahua, I got her exactly on my birthday, I remember it like it was yesterday, a white, short-haired female named Daisy. Daisy was cheerful, energetic, she went with us everywhere, just like a member of our family, that’s how dogs should be treated. And that brings us to the reason why my kennel is called Dacoopen, the first two letters – Da as Daisy.

When I was 16, I decided to study at an Agricultural high school, my specialization was in agrobusiness studies and horse breeding, because I am almost as much in love with horses as with dogs, they are such unrestrained souls, I love their freedom and power. After graduation, I went to the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague and studied CYNOLOGY. For the first year we were more concerned with general things like anatomy and physiology, chemistry, zoology, microbiology. Second year we even had quite complicated mathematics, as they called computational methods in biology, genetics, animal nutrition, dog ethology, parasitology, dog breeding, training and use of hunting dogs, animal hygiene and disease prevention in dog breeding, animal assisted therapy and even more. We had a great work experience at the Police Kennel of German Shepherds, we also spent a few weeks at a military base. Working with puppies, socializing them, I got to know and met a lot of breeds there – German Shepherd, Belgium Shepherd – Malinoa, Bloodhound, Pointer. I also met and took care of dog heroes from Afghanistan, I will always remember these brave guys.

In 2012 I fell in love with Australian Shepherds, originally I wanted a Belgian Shepherd Malinoa which I will definitely get one day, but then I somehow began to lean closer to aussies, I liked their behavior, they are cheerful, kind, optimistic, encouraging and that‘s the exact description of my first Australian shepherd – Cooper, a fateful dog, my soulmate. He was from a kennel Emily Bohemia, I would never change my choice! Cooper – Ivanhoe Emily Bohemia was perhaps the calmest aussie I have ever known, maybe it wasn’t even a dog…human trapped in a dogs body I always say. He knew me like his paws, he had peeked through me, he knew where I was going, what I was going for, what‘ s gonna happen. We also did everything together, watched TV, when I took a bath he brought me all his toys there, he worked with me in the garden. The explanation continues, Dacoo – Coo, after Cooper.

When Cooper was 4 years old, we decided to get a second aussie, chocolate female Amiable Gingin Bamuno´s, from a kennel Bamuno´s by Hanka Dvořáková. I would say she´s a typical aussie in character and appearance, she´s smart, kind, active, fast, sneaky, funny. She loves long walks and being in a garden but she also likes to chill home with us and sleep on a sofa. Cooper and Penny were really good friends. When I told Penny to show me where Cooper is, she always went to him and gave him a kiss. And this solves my mystery of the name Dacoopen – Pen, like Penny.

Cooper, my soulmate, left us in January 2020, three months after our Daisy left, but I know you’re still here with us even if we can´t see you.

The year 2020 took something from us, but it also gave us something special. In September we imported an aussie from Russia, Smolensk from kennel Damani Dream by Margarita Davydova. Blue merle female Amy Ellis, Damani Dream Lots of Love. Her name Lots of Love accurately describes her character, she is simply love.

I could write endlessly about our experiences, travel and fun we have experienced, but this is just a brief description of how I came to name my kennel Dacoopen. I am interested in news in the dog world, for the fifth year me and my boyfriend Nathan go to Crufts to be inspired. 





Your Elis from Dacoopen aussies